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To close on this property it's $199 Down + $249 Closing Fees = $548


CASH PRICE NOW $6,750!!!


Create the dream home you’ve always wanted for yourself and your family, on this gorgeous 0.23-acre residential parcel of land! Located a mere 3 minutes away from the town of Bly, the perfect place to call home. Kick back and relax with friends and family on land you own surrounded by the gorgeous views.

Get grilling in your backyard and have an amazing time with the people you love or just indulge in adventurous activities such as swimming, picnicking, camping, and wildlife at the Goose Lake or Lake Albert only an hour away!

Surrounded by an abundance of nature to explore, this lot will provide you with many camping opportunities as well as countless hiking and biking trails that your family will enjoy. Not to mention, the many attractions such as the Fremont-Winema National Forest, Favell Museum, Putnam's Point, and Moore Park, for those unforgettable recreational trips.

So, don’t wait! This is your opportunity to build a great life in this beautiful state and make memories that will be talked about for generations to come.


Contact us today for more details.!

Pricing: $199 Down, $99 for 70 months


Cash: $6, 750


CASH PRICE NOW $6,750!!!

Perfect 0.23 -acres in Klamath County, Oregon! Only $99/ Month

$548.00 Regular Price
$348.00Sale Price
  • Property Details:
    Subdivision: BLEY-WAS Heights
    Parcel ID: R407599
    Size: 0.23 Acres
    Terrain: Level
    Closest Highways: US HWY 395, RT-140
    Conveyance: Warranty Deed
    Access road: Qlidis Dr
    Water: Well or Container
    Electric: Power Nearby
    Camping: 21 days every 6 months
    RVs: 21 days without building a house
    Types of homes allowed: Single Family Residence Cabins, Earthship homes, 600 square foot minimum

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